Author Kara Tipton

Do You Know?
1 Do You Know? Sandy Ward

A nearly lifelong resident of Madisonville, Texas, Sandy Ward is a 70-year-old mother, grandmother, and retired paraprofessional. She also has been a foster mom to…

Just for Fun
1 Just for Fun: The Woodlands Children’s Museum

Packed with interactive exhibits, sensory play, and a rotating schedule of events, The Woodlands Children’s Museum offers children and families the opportunity to imagine and discover together. My children are 2 and 6, and both had a…

Business Focus
0 Business Focus: Your New Waverly Pharmacy

Not everyone puts a lot of thought into which pharmacy they will frequent. Patients may choose the pharmacy closest to home, a brand they are familiar with, or a location convenient to other errands. Perhaps a consumer has not considered…

Business Focus
0 Business Focus: Unrelenting Grace

Unrelenting Grace Ministries launched in June 2017, but it started long before then. Teresa Schultz, founder of Unrelenting Grace Ministries, grew up in a Christian household in Texas, yet experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hand of family members from a young age. “Every family is dysfunctional, because we are human,” said Teresa, expressing compassion. “I love them, but we were broken.” …

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